The 180′ Berlin FilmFest is exclusively for short films that are 180 seconds (3 minutes) long or less and will take place on November 14th 2018 at Artliners Berlin, 10245 Berlin.

Featured at the festival will be 2 special screenings:

  • Best of the Best – A 1 hour screening dedicated to showing the best films submitted in all categories, which would include the main award winners.
  • Best of – For each category there will be a 15 minute screening of the best films submitted.

An Award Ceremony will take place after the festival with multiple awards given to the best films in each category.

The festival will conclude with an after party in one of Berlins trendiest bars which is located near the venue.

Festival Package

For all those planning to attend the 180′ Berlin FilmFest, we can arrange the following package to maximise your Berlin experience at a cost of EUR 100 per person, which will include:

A programmed tour of the Babelsburg Studios (2-3hrs). Transport not included. (Mon-Fri).

Full access to after party event, including 2 free drinks.

E-catalogue with contacts and details of all films screened during the festival.

Segway Berlin Tour (The Film Tour through Berlin locations, approx 3 hrs in good or bad weather!).

Discount and booking preference at any of the partner hotels.

Free access to all film screenings and 50% discount on any other purchased tickets.

Printed tote bag and T-shirt with festival logo.